Cryptographic currencies are a type of digital money and can be used for a wide variety of purposes, most commonly when conducting transactions online. Amazon, Microsoft, Apple and others are already accepting them as a standard method of payment in their online stores. What is more, cryptocurrencies are traded on the currency market just like their conventional counterparts, and are used by many investors as a form of investment.

How do cryptocurrencies differ from conventional currencies?

The main difference between cryptocurrencies and conventional ones is the way in which money is created and regulated. Conventional money is issued and regulated by a central bank based on a system of investments and debts. By contrast, cryptocurrencies are completely free and independent of banks, payment service providers and state regulatory authorities.
Since cryptocurrency reserves cannot be increased ad infinitum (like paper money) but are instead limited to a maximum number, the cryptocurrency system is also protected from inflation

What makes cryptocurrencies so good for investment transactions?

The opportunity to complete worldwide transactions in minutes; no inflation; no corrupt banking systems; the ability to open an account without a credit check; safety and anonymity… For these and countless other reasons, digital currencies are gaining ever more significance in our everyday lives. Considering that cryptocurrencies are still in their infancy and offer enormous scalability potential, there is little doubt that now is the right time to invest.

Where can i buy cryptocurrencies?

Digital currencies can be purchased within a matter of minutes from numerous online providers. After registering on our platform, you can buy cryptocurrencies directly in your profile settings. All you need is a standard payment method and an internet connection.

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