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About our company

Buy, sell, exchange and store crypto coin with confidence

About Us

When it comes to cryptocurrencies, its quite common for different providers to trade a bitcoin currency at different prices. While Vendor A might sell one bitcoin for $40,900 Vendor B could buy it for $50,000. Identifying these price fluctuations in a timely manner enables you to achieve fast, secure profits. This is what we does on your behalf if you trade with us

We buy and sell

Once a price fluctuation has been identified and its longevity verified, we buy the affected currency cheaply in order to resell it at a higher price. This fully automated buying process takes 30 to 60 minutes. Its only after this time that we can sell the purchased cryptocurrency to Vendor B at a more expensive rate. During this period, however, the price of Vendor B can change

Cryptographic currencies are a type of digital money and can be used for a wide variety of purposes, most commonly when conducting transactions online. Amazon, Microsoft, Apple and others are already accepting them as a standard method of payment in their online stores. What is more, cryptocurrencies are traded on the currency market just like their conventional counterparts, and are used by many investors as a form of investment.

Our Pricing Plan

Beginner Plan

$50.00 minimum
  1. minimum : $50.00
  2. Beginner Plan
  3. 20%

Easy Plan

  1. minimum : $100.00
  2. Easy Plan
  3. 25%

Extra Plan

  1. minimum : $500.00
  2. Extra Plan
  3. 30%

Finest Plan

  1. minimum : $1000.00
  2. Finest Plan
  3. 35%

Standard Plan

  1. minimum : $2000.00
  2. Standard Plan
  3. 40%

Perfect Plan

  1. minimum : $5000.00
  2. Perfect Plan
  3. 45%

Supreme Plan

  1. minimum : $10000.00
  2. Supreme Plan
  3. 50%

Unlimited Plan

  1. minimum : $11200.00
  2. Unlimited Plan
  3. 60%